Art & Yoga Retreat

With Albena & Evelina | 12 Jul – 14 Jul 2024 | Bridgnorth, UK

It’s a weekend to express your creativity, refresh your mind, and rejuvenate your body while enjoying our nourishing homemade meals and connecting with like-minded individuals

We’re offering a tranquil escape to expand your boundaries through art workshops, guided meditations, and daily yoga led by myself and Evelina.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner in yoga or art, or completely new to both, this retreat is an opportunity to discover balance, inspiration, and cultivate self-expression and inner exploration through the combination of yoga and art.

Evelina and I have been close friends for three decades, sharing a passion for art, design, and now yoga. This retreat is our offering to those who value art and beauty, and seek to express themselves in various ways – through movement, tranquility, colors, textures, and lines.

Expect unexpected delights, moments of inspiration and a rediscovery of the artist within – embracing freedom, happiness, and a willingness to explore!

The Facilitators

Yoga with Evelina

Evelina, with nearly a decade of Yoga teaching experience, explores mindfulness practices. She’s dedicated three years to understanding Chakras deeply, incorporating this knowledge into her classes. With a keen interest in art, color, interior design, and a recent focus on sound and chanting, she infuses her workshops with creativity, playfulness, sound, and laughter!

Art with Albena

Albena’s lifelong passion for art led her to explore various forms, including fine art and fashion design. She later ventured into creating a maternity collection and wooden decor for kids’ rooms. After relocating to the UK, inspired by her children, she started teaching art classes for kids, which brought her a lot of joy. Additionally, she partnered with her longtime friend Evelina to craft yoga products. Recently, responding to parents’ requests, Albena began offering evening art workshops for adults alongside children’s classes at the local artsdepot.

Booking Information

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Check for further details on the Mia Studio Art retreat partner’s website and BOOK HERE.